Setup Certificate Expiration Monitoring

You will be notified when your TLS certificate expires in the near future or when it has expired.

You will also be notified when the TLS handshake fails. The connection times out after 120 seconds.

  1. Go to Manage Jobs:
  2. Click on the add button in the Certificate card:
  3. Enter either a domain or an IP address to be monitored.
    If you enter a domain it will be resolved and a separate monitoring job for every DNS-A-entry will be created. If your domain points to multiple IPv4 addresses multiple jobs will be created, one for each IPv4 address.

    IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) are supported and automatically translated to Punycode. The (encoded) domain name will be used for the DNS lookup and for the SNI server_name.

    SNI will be disabled if you enter an IP address.

    The default port for the TLS connection is 443. You can change the port number in the advanced setup form.

  4. Optionally you can add a short description helping to identify this monitoring job.
  5. Adjust the check interval. In the example the certificate will be checked every 3 hours.
  6. Notifications will be sent when the certificate expires in less than the selected value.
  7. You are done. Click on 'Create' to start the monitoring.