Terms of Service

Description of the Provided Services

Repings serves as a tool for the monitoring of hosts in the internet. It's implemeneted as a software as a service (SaaS). Several services (like ping, webserver) can be polled periodically over the internet protocol (IP). Failures will be reported to the user automatically.

Restriction of Use

The provided montoring services may be solely used in conjunction with own IP addresses. For example for the monitoring of dedicated servers or web hosting products leased by the user. The use for the monitoring of external systems is not permitted. The violation of this term can lead to the deactivation of the user account.

Obligations of the User

  • The user guarantees to be of full age and contractually capable.
  • Any personal information provided by the user has to be correct and complete and must be kept up-to-date.
  • The user undertakes to choose secure passwords and keep those passwords secret. Passwords have to be changed regularly. The user has to inform the provider immediately if he notices that his credentials where leaked to a third party.
  • The user has to inform the provider about errors in the used services.
  • The user has to check the proper function of the used services on a regular basis.
  • The user ensures to regularly verify his compliance with the terms of service.


The provider of the website aims to keep the proper function of the services by regular inspections and maintenance but cannot guarantee the flawless opertation of the website as well as the provided monitoring services. Hardware failures may be the cause of disruptions for instance.There may be improper error indications (false positive) being caused by bugs in the software and errors during the data transmisson over the internet. The user can minimize the occurence of such erroneos notifications with suitable settings ("Alert Threshold"). Furthermore it cannot be ruled out that the notification system fails. Local errors or errors during the message transmission via third party services can cause failure notifications to not being delivered to the user.

The provider shall not be liable for any damage possibly resulting from the use of the service. The exclusion of liability relates inter alia to impairments as described above.

It is generally recommended to delegate the periodic health check of important systems to different, from each other largely independent channels/providers.


Please find the relevant information in the privacy policy.