Setup Ping Monitoring

Your host is monitored via ICMP echo requests. ICMP echo replies will indicate that your host is reachable and it's kernel is running.

  1. Go to Manage Jobs:
  2. Click on the add button in the Ping card:
  3. Enter either a domain or an IP address to be monitored.
    If you enter a domain it will be resolved and a separate monitoring job for every DNS entry (A and AAAA) will be created. If, for instance, your domain points to an IPv4 address as well as an IPv6 address 2 jobs will be created, one for each protocol.

    IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names) are supported and automatically translated to Punycode before name lookup.

  4. Optionally you can add a short description helping to identify this monitoring job.
  5. Adjust the check interval. In the example the host will be pinged every 19 minutes.
  6. Notifications will be sent as soon as the alert threshold is reached. This threshold is related to the last 10 checks. If you want to receive notifications if 2 or more of the last 10 checks have failed you have to set this value to 20%:
  7. Adjust the timeout of the echo requests. A packet is considered lost when no echo response is receive within the selected timeout.
  8. You are done. Click on 'Create' to start the monitoring.